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Nikken Kosakusho delivers high-tech, high-quality tools that support the development of leading-edge products for top manufacturers, including Japan's world-class automakers.

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Watch a video of the quality and accuracy of Nikken Kosakusho's products. Seeing is believing!

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Nikken brand product information, as well as CNC table drawings data, is available for download. Please consult this information when selecting a tool to create your valuable products.

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In Japanese, the name Nikken stands for "research every day". By putting this slogan into practice, Nikken Kosakusho will continue to meet its current and future challenges with determination and a striving spirit.

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Nikken Kosakusho operates from 14 locations in Japan, stretching from Sendai to Kyushu, including our Osaka headquarters and Tokyo Sales Office, as well as 14 overseas locations, including sites in the USA, China, Thailand, and our NICe (Nikken Innovation Centre Europe) in the UK.